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Téa Gibson

Téa Gibson

Téa Gibson


My name is Téa Gibson and I am a third year business student and accounting major. I have worked at Ruddicks for eight months now alongside my studies, and have transitioned to working and studying online during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Transitioning to online university has been a new and challenging experience. Having a structure approach has been especially important to make sure I have dedicated time to study, work and have down-time.

I miss seeing everyone in the office, but we are fortunate in this day and age to be able to stay connected through online conferencing.

I feel fortunate to be working in an industry where I am able to work from home, and to have access to modern technology that enables me to work remotely. Ruddicks have continued to support me through my work and study to ensure the smooth transition to working from home.

The last couple of months have undoubtedly been challenging for everyone. It has indeed been different, but I am confident that by maintaining a positive mindset and regular communication we can continue to work productively during this COVID-19 crisis.

Téa began working at Ruddicks in 2019, in a part time capacity in the Business Services and Taxation area.

She is currently studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in accounting, at the University of Tasmania.

Outside of work, Téa is an avid gamer, enjoys reading fantasy novels and travelling with friends.

Téa Gibson
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